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ProCharger Preferred Installer

Making cars run smoother and go faster for over 50 years . . .
The Expertise It Takes
  1. Fabrication
    - Full-on chassis updates - Read-End/Differential conversions - Fabrication Support for Engine Conversions - Full custom builds
  2. Carburetion
    30 year old grocery getter or Street Rod, you want your carbureted car to start, idle, and run hard. We've been doing it for 50+ years.
  3. Emissions Tuning
    Emissions Tuning
    It's getting tougher and tougher to meet standards, and as the more stringent cars get older, they need a subtle, informed hand.
  4. ProCharger
    As a Preferred ProCharger Installer, we've got the support of the ProCharger brand behind us and dozens of happy -- and fast -- customers.
  5. Brakes and Service
    Brakes and Service
    Upgrade the stopping power or your track day machine, or help your grocery getter stop again without stuttering or pulling. We do it all . . .
  6. Custom Upgrades
    Custom Upgrades
    - Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) - Custom wiring - Lighting - Etc.
  7. Performance
    - Camshaft Upgrades - Upgraded Heads - Manifolds - Complete Engines - Performance Tuning - Track Day Components - Full Race Applications
  8. Service and Tuning
    Service and Tuning
    - Drivability Tuning - Routine Maintenance - Error Code Diagnosis - Shocks and Struts - HVAC Repair